Due to travel restrictions and lockdowns amid the Novel Coronavirus pandemic, the price of crude oil dropped below zero on Monday breaking all records in history. his has a ripple effect even reaching the

The Western Slope sits on the Piceance Basin which is one of the largest natural gas deposits on Earth producing a resource and producing essential products. Executive Director of Colorado Oil & Gas West Slope, Chelsie Miera says, “We have been deemed as essential workers through this so that we can provide the resource. Everybody needs to heat their homes, stay connected, make sure hospitals are powered up. N-95 masks are created from byproducts of oil and natural gas production.”

The great prices at the pump don’t hit Western Slope Oil & Gas all that hard like the Front Range. Miera says, “We still have some oil production. Our major bread and butter, I would say, of our basin is dry natural gas.” Miera explains how natural gas keeps the lights on for residents, businesses, schools, and even at the hospitals, but with the prices of oil less than zero, the electric bill might soar. It’s still too soon to sell in these unprecedented times. Chelsie says, “I think the market has yet to decide what the energy prices will look like. We have a long road to go.”