Record, report, and return.

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It could happen on your block or even your house. Property crimes are the most common crime committed in Mesa County. Megan Terclecky with the Mesa County Sheriff’s Office says, “We find a lot of property that’s suspected to be stolen, but we can only determine that it’s stolen, and return it to the owners if there’s good proof of ownership.”

80% of stolen property can’t be returned because of no proof of ownership, but to prevent you from being that statistic just follow the three r’s. “Record, report, and return,” said Terlecky. “You get an item that you spent a lot of hard earned money on, record it. Record the serial numbers. Put a unique mark on it, and take a picture of it, and keep that in a safe place. Then if your stuff gets stolen, report it immediately to law enforcement, and give them those records. Then when we find that item we have that proof of ownership and we can get that returned to you, ” said Terlecky.

Also, write down how much you paid for the item. Terlecky says, “When you’re recording those items, record it on a piece of paper, or there’s an app for that.”

To prevent crime before it even starts install lights, Megan says to install cameras, or a neighborhood app on your phone, and that’s not all. “One of the easiest things people can do to help prevent crime is simply, locking things up. Locking your car, locking your phone, locking your house, said Terlecky.

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