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Recreational Marijuana Comes to Palisade

Palisade, Colo. - Recreational Marijuana is now being sold in Palisade as The Weedery opens its doors to the Public on Monday after much smaller opening on Friday.

"Palisade has been looking for recreational  for about 4 years now and it's finally here so its exciting." said Matt Pittman, manager for the Weedery.

Last November citizens voted in recreational sales and under the same roof (though different license) as the Weedery, Colorado Alternative Health has provided medicinal marijuana sales for years and grew with the new opportunity.

"Our crew here has more of that medical mindset." said Pittman, "We're able to help people find the products that they're looking for that will help give them relief. Versus here's a neat brownie. Have fun."

The store opened quietly as the Grand Opening is on Saturday September, 23, so management was hoping for a quiet open. On Thursday, the store brought it 135 transactions. Part of the taxes placed on it, Palisade collects an excise tax of $5 for each transaction under $100 (it increases $5 every $100). Owners expect double the sales once things get rolling, but assuming they keep on this pace for 300 days out of the year that could generate an estimated $202,500 of tax revenue each year. Palisade's budget for roads in 2017 was $211,933.

"Really, we want to create revenue for the town that's what taxes are all about for your state or for your local economy." said Pittman.

Two additional recreational permits are to be issued by the town.

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