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Redefining Summer Camp

REDLANDS, Colo - After gathering some supplies and receiving some encouragement, these students are ready to bring out the inventive & entrepreneurial spirit inside them at Camp Invention.
"The programs geared for Kindergarten through 6th grade and I think that it really puts robotics into the classroom and gets kids thinking outside of the box", says Noelle Wescott, the Director of the camp.
Take for instance one of the program modules Robotic Pet Vet, where campers dissect and dismantle a robot puppy to discover what health issue was programmed into it. The module gives students the chance to learn more about robotics, dogs, and their anatomy & physiology.
One of the other four program modules called Optibot allows campers to get inventive and use a wide range of supplies to improve safety for people driving on the road.
"I feel like last year we didn't have as many robotics, last year we mostly took things apart and put them back together", says River Wescott whose one of the campers.
"You can see how many people created such great things. It also kind of shows me how great inventors made random things out of normal supplies", says Ava Pearson whose also one of the
The camp updates their curriculum every year to provide a new learning experience, with each of the program modules being designed by the National Inventors Hall of Fame.
"I think that robotics is a new and upcoming innovative idea for engineering. The kids get to come and take apart their devices, they get to put them together, and they get to take a look at real-world applications that you don't really get in elementary school", says Noelle Wescott.

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