Remarkable Women Contest: Khristina Kukus

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. – Khristina Kukus, the Residential Director over at Strive, is our latest nominee for our Remarkable Women contest.

Khristina is extremely passionate about helping those in the developmentally disabled community.

She’s on-call 24/7, offering her services to any staff member or individual involved in Strive’s program.

“She just has this knack for getting along with people,” said Adele Avolio, the coworker who nominated Khristina.

“They’re not like you and me, they don’t get to go to the gas station when they want half the time or they need that assistance to go to the mall, so just to be able to help them not look at the same walls every day and make their day brighter is worth it all,” said Khristina.

Khristina began working at Strive in 2010 as a Direct Service Professional and has since worked her way up to her current position.

“She knows every individual that we have in service and every protocol that’s in their chart, so she can talk on the phone with somebody if they’re having an issue with a certain person on how to deal with them without even looking at her notes because she just knows them, she’s been here a long time,” said Adele.

“Everyone has their success stories and everyone has those that are not so successful, the success stories are what keeps me going and then not so successful ones is what keeps me growing,” said Khristina.

Khristina is responsible for overseeing five group homes, 70 host homes and so much more.

“You have to have compassion honesty to be a professional at her level and she follows through and you can count on her and she’s just amazing,” said Adele.

Khristina’s peers know her to be a natural leader.

“I definitely wouldn’t be here without my support system, without my family, without my great coworkers that I work with and those that help lead here and the staff that also very much come to work and care for those individuals, we couldn’t do without them either,” said Khristina.

Adele said, “She’s a good role model and available, you know you can count on her.”

For more information on Strive and it’s programs, visit it’s website.

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