Remembrance & Recreation: Memorial Day on the Western Slope

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. – Memorial Day is a day of remembrance for our fallen heroes, and here in western Colorado, many people spend the holiday gathering with family, barbecuing and recreating outdoors.

Many people were recreating down by the Colorado River for the holiday, enjoying the beautiful weather.

“Oh it was glorious, paddled right under a bald eagle, I saluted him,” said Grand Junction resident John Wieser.

“It was great, there are a lot of boats out today,” said Marty, a local resident out with the family.

Whether it’s on the river or the trails, the people of western Colorado are finding safe ways to recreate on Memorial Day.

“It’s a fabulous day and it’s nice to see a lot of people out along the river trail, along the new parkway where the water park is,” said Jane, a longtime Grand Junction resident.

“We’ve been very much secluded, all of us that went on the trip, and that’s the way we’ve stayed,” said Claud, another local resident.

“It’s good weather, it’s hot, good to get out, finally get out and go do something, it’s been a minute since we’ve been doing anything,” said Avan Crespin, a self-proclaimed ‘yakker,’ also known as a kayaker.

For Crespin, Memorial Day was his first attempt at kayaking.

“I’m a ‘yakker,'” said Crespin, “I’m a ‘yakker,’ I’m going to go kayak that river, first time ever.”

Whether boating, biking the trails, or enjoying wildlife, locals were enjoying the holiday.

“We saw some blue heron, tons of swallows,” said Marty.

“It was beautiful, we saw two bald eagles and a blue heron,” said Sarah Miller, who’s husband Paul is a veteran.

Even though many people are recreating, they’re also staying safe.

“We wear our masks most of the time, when we’re around other people as a courtesy for them,” said Paul.

“When I go into stores I always have a mask,” said Wieser.

Recreationists were, of course, celebrating those who paid the ultimate price.

“Remembering our veterans and all of our military people,” said Marty.

“It’s also a day of reflection too, we can’t forget that,” said Paul.

“I’ve already been to graves yesterday, placed flowers and I’m remembering especially my uncle who was in the war and my dad,” said Jane.

Many of the recreationists planned on attending barbecues later on in the day.

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