Report: Pot Smoking and Driving in Colorado

Local News

A new report from CDOT says that nearly 70 percent of marijuana users in Colorado have admitted to driving high at least once in the past year, and 27 percent admitted they drive high almost daily.

The CDOT report was based on survey responses from more than 11,000 anonymous marijuana users and non-users in the state.

“What this tells us is that Colorado still has a lot of work to do in order to change behavior,” said Sam Cole, CDOT Communications Director.

Other key findings in the report:

* 69 per cent of all respondents know that if you drive high you can get a DUI

* Half of all cannabis users surveyed say they consume less cannabis if they know they are going to drive

* Among non-users, 35 percent say they have been a passenger in a car with a driver under the influence of marijauna

CDOT says these are preliminary results and that people can still participate in the survey and also read the full report at

The final report will be issued later this year.

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