1,936 arrests were made during the Colorado State Patrol’s most recent 6 week DUI enforcement period, and within those arrests were some first time offenders. 
Now, a new report shows not only how much money but also personal time is wasted dealing with that offense. 
“For a first time offender, it’s about 170 hours spent taking care of a first time DUI,” said Catherine McGuire, of Personal Growth Counseling, who specializes in DUI education & therapy. 
That timeframe comes from NoDUIColorado, as the report calculated certain requirements offenders deal with after driving under the influence. 
“A lot of people aren’t aware of how much time is actually spent meeting requirements,” said McGuire. 
Having an ignition interlock in your car can last 24 months, probation can last 18 months, and alcohol & drug education & therapy can last 9 months.  In some cases, just figuring out those requirements can be time consuming. 
“A lot of times people are going back and forth to court, 4 and 5 or 6 times to learn what their requirements are going to be,” said McGuire. 
That minimum of 170 hours can be equivalent to working full time for a month, taking 21 days of paid vacation, or going to see 80 movies, according to this report. 
“If you don’t have that kind of time to invest putting that forward to a DUI, just don’t drink and drive,” said Dan Chermock of the Colorado State Patrol. 
However, it’s not just time people are missing out on, a DUI can make you pay the price in more ways than one. 
“We’re looking at over $13,000 now for a first DUI offense,” said McGuire. 
So when you consider wasted time and money, a DUI just isn’t worth it.