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Representative Polis Opens First Campaign Office In The Grand Valley

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. - The race for Governor of Colorado is on and one candidate has made his way to the Western Slope this weekend to set up his first campaign foot hold.

"We're opening our very first campaign office for the Polis of Colorado Campaign right here in Grand Junction," said Democratic Representative Jared Polis.

He begins the start of his gubernatorial campaign Saturday morning in the Grand Valley.  

"Western Slope is really important statewide, both in terms of policy and contributions of the state making sure Colorado can work for Western Colorado."

Dozens of people crowded on Colorado Avenue to hear what issues to work on and how to make them a reality.

"I've created hundreds of jobs as an entrepreneur and businessman and I kind of want to bring that know-how to the governor's ship. I want to make sure we reinvigorate the economy across Western Colorado."

He also touched upon tourism and recreational facilities, renewable energy, and how he plans to establish a better education.

"I support a state-wide plan to establish universal preschool and kindergartner across the state. All the studies show those early childhood years are the most important for kids. All we have in this state is half-a-day of kindergarten."

During this time he spoke to several residents to hear what they had to say on issues in the valley.

Mesa County resident Claudette Konola said, "His first open office is right here in Grand Junction for a reason because he wants to hear what we have to say and he wants to listen to the people of Mesa County about what their needs are."

Grand Junction City Council member Chris Kennedy also made an appearance --"The relationship he has there on a national level, I think fit well, with whoever we elect as our next governor has those relationships kind of in place on a national base play well for the state."

The five-term Congressman says he wants to bring front-range ideas to the have the Western Slope up to speed.

"I really bring a bigger approach than a front range elected official and I think we're showing that by opening up our very first field office in the entire state here in Grand Junction, so we can interact with voters and hear first hand what we need to do to help get Mesa County and the Western Slope moving."

Representative Polis says he wants donations of less than a $100 to fund his campaign.

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