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Republican Battle For State Senate Seat

State Rep. Dan Thurlow To Challenge Senator Ray Scott

Grand Junction, CO - Representative Dan Thurlow is seeking a new office. He made the announcement Saturday morning in Grand Junction.

The State Representative announced that he will run as a candidate for the Colorado Senate in Senate District 7.

Thurlow is currently the Representative for District 55, which covers much of the Grand Valley. 

The announcement was surprising to some since he is making the unusual move of challenging a sitting State Senator from his own party, Senator Ray Scott.

Both politicians are Republicans.

During his speech he said he would focus on hard work, engagement with the community, the ability to get the job done, and to stand for something.

He also said road work and broadband are issues to be worked on in Mesa County.

Thurlow also addressed the issue of challenging an incumbent Republican, saying "Competition is good. It's good in business, it's good in sports, makes the team better, makes your company better. I think it's good in politics if we have competition for these jobs. I don't think any of us should just have the divine right to stay in a position once we're elected. I think we should have to come home, tell people what we've done, how we did it and how we plan to do it in the future."

We tried to get reaction from Senator Scott Saturday, but could not reach him.

However, he was quoted by the Grand Junction Sentinel as saying "For us to fight amongst ourselves --makes no sense to me."

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