Republican Party Rallies the Red Vote at the Mesa County Old Courthouse

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. – We are 26 days away from the November 3rd Election, and the race for Colorado’s Third Congressional District is neck and neck between Republican Lauren Boebert and Democrat Diane Mitsch-Bush. So to rally the vote for the Republican Party, CO-03 Candidate Lauren Boebert, and Vice President Mike Pence’s nephew, John Pence, met at the Mesa County Old Courthouse to encourage Western Coloradans to vote red.

The Republican Rally started with CO-03 Candidate Lauren Boebert preaching the party’s values, and how it represents freedom. To the crowd, Boebert said, “freedom is what’s on the ballot this November. America is what’s on the ballot.” Thereby, on November 3rd, the Americans will be voting for candidates with strong views on abortion, gun, and more. In turn, Boebert says, “I am a conservative because I love America, and I trust the American people to make the right decisions for their own selves and their own lives.”

On Thursday afternoon, about 100 Grand Valley citizens gathered at the Mesa County Old Courthouse to show their support for the red vote in what the Republican Party says is a pivotal election. The Trump Campaign Senior Advisor, and VP Mike Pence’s nephew, John Pence, also said, “folks from every corner of the country are joining this party because they see a President that is fighting to put America first.”

So, as the General Election quickly approaches, and the country’s concerns about voting in this election continue, Boebert says, “President Trump has been speaking to a nationwide mail-in-ballot situation that does not apply to us in Colorado.” The state has been doing this method of voting since 2013, and Boebert adds, “we have gotten better and better at this method.”

Still, there are some citizens who will vote in-person next month instead. Rick Sheley, a Grand Junction resident, says, “I don’t trust the mail-in-vote. If the Post Office can say, ‘do not send cash in the mail,’ then my vote is no safer, and my vote is more important than cash.”

Next week, KREX’s Adrian Thomas will be sitting down with Democratic Candidate for Colorado’s Third Congressional District, Diane Mitsch-Bush, and KREX will have that full story on her and the Democratic Party’s rally for the blue vote then.

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