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Residents Say Goodbye to a Community Staple

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo - Over 40 years ago, Jason Darian and his parents planted a bush on their property and have a tradition of decorating it during the holidays.

Neighborhood kids look forward to seeing the giant shrub every year and were disappointed to hear the news of it being cut down.

Despite the communities concerns, Xcel Energy moved forward with their plans and cut down the vine from the property early Tuesday morning.

After holding off the cut down process with Xcel for months, Darien says he's exhausted all resources.

"It's sad to see some things go, I know it might not be the most important thing in the world but it meant something to me, the strange thing about it is that within probably about a five block radius I could show you 10 of the same vines growing up the poles that are still there, so I think they kind of singled me out," said Darian.

Darian says he spoke with public services and Colorado Public Utility Commissions. He also says they advised taking the issue to court, unfortunately he didn't have the finances to fight them in a legal battle.

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