Restaurants use thousands of gallons of water every day. With our recent dry conditions and need to conserve water in the Grand Valley, one local eatery has figured out how to use, not abuse, the shared resource.

Dos Hombres in Clifton is the winner of the second Tributary Award from the Drought Response Information Project (DRIP). These awards recognize businesses that go out of their way to conserve water. 

Dos Hombres does not use their misters outside, only runs their dishwashers with entirely full loads, and has locked up their outside faucets so people cannot steal their water, among other techniques. After an audit with the Clifton Water District, they decided to invest in new technology. 

The restaurant now has an electronic meter reading system, where Clifton Water District can track their water usage on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. “We’ve had valves that have leaked up there in the ceiling where we can’t see it, and Clifton water has picked it up for us with their equipment. Where it would be leaking thousands of gallons of water a week,” said Spike Howard the owner and president of Dos Hombres. 

For decades, the restaurant has not been handing out a glass of water unless requested. Every cup of water they do not serve, saves them around three gallons of water. “Spike has taken a very proactive approach in isolating and identifying his leaks, and addressing them. That cuts down on the water waste, and it makes water available for his activities, as well as everybody else’s,” said David Reinertsen, the assistant manager of Clifton Water District.

The Tributary Awards are being given out by DRIP every Tuesday, and Dos Hombres is the second place in Mesa County to win. 

Stay tuned next week to find out who else is using water wisely.