Restaurants in downtown Grand Junction are experiencing a shortage of employees

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo — Some local restaurants are so short-staffed that they have to close their doors during portions of the week.

Melissa Quintanilla, owner of Main Street Café says, “we’ve had to shut down early some days, we’ve had to now take Wednesday’s as a closed day every week because we’re so short-staffed. Our kitchen is short-staffed.”

Limited staffs aren’t the only concern for restaurants owners, the hiring process is also more difficult.

Becky Brehmer, owner of Blue Moon says, “advertising for employment for people to come in and fill out applications, people will come in they fill out the application and we can never get a hold of them again.”

Stimulus checks are also not helping the shortage of workers in the restaurant business.

Brehmer added, “they’re getting paid to stay home and collect the extra unemployment they’re getting.”

Cooper Hall, co-owner of The Hog and the Hen says, “we want to be open seven days a week, and we want to be able to provide good customer service to people.  For us, having a help wanted sign up all the time means we got people in the pipeline.”

Owners are grateful for the staff members who have stuck in the trenches during the pandemic.

Quintanilla added, “our staff is working really hard, very grateful, they are kicking butt and we are just making adjustments as we can.”

Businesses downtown want you to feel welcomed and to know the doors are always open.

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