Review Hearing for David Castro

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It wasn’t your typical court hearing at the Mesa County Justice Center today, for a man about to go on trial for murder.

The trial for David Castro is scheduled to start Monday. He’s charged in connection with the murder of Kyle Free.

Today’s review hearing started with a concern of Castro being a flight risk. Authorities say he tried to escape from jail in 2018.

Court officials also discussed whether to shackle Castro trying to determine if that might prejudice the jury against him. Those concerns were based on an alleged attempted murder by Castro on a fellow inmate where authorities say he sharpened a chair leg, and stabbed the inmate multiple times.

Finally, the judge decided to have a water jug moved to the opposite side of the desk, because Castro has shown signs of having a volatile personality. The judge will also decide on Monday if Castro should be shackled at the ankle, so the jury doesn’t see it.

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