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Rimrocker Trail Expansion Will Connect Montrose to Moab

MONTROSE, Colo - After coming to an agreement, Colorado Department of Transportation and Montrose County approved funding of nearly $200,000 to expand the Rimrocker Trail to Moab Utah, 160 miles to the west.

"It was a bit of a lengthy process when you're interacting with a state highway. Public safety is always a primary concern from the outset of the design, we worked very closely with CDOT to assure that the design of the off-road trail was consistent with their standards", says Jon Waschbusch the Government Affairs Specialist for Montrose County.

County officials tell us a large amount of support was backing the project.

"We look forward to as the years go by to connect with other communities and develop the loops that they can ride, and not just the trail. Once we get them on the map, we get approval and everything for all this but some of them are being used right now. You could go from Mesa County to Gateway with no problem", says Montrose County Commissioner Glen Davis.

The trails even starting to receive national attention.

"It certainly seems to be getting some traction as a destination activity. We were just featured in Men's Journal", says Waschbusch.

County officials also tell us the expanded trail system will be an economic driver for the county as it will bring in a variety of hikers, campers, and off-road enthusiasts.

"This trail is one of the few places in the U.S. and experiences some utterly fantastic scenery and some beautiful places to camp, so if you need a place to camp or a place to take your motorhome, your trailer, and bring your dirt bikes, bring your jeeps, whatever. We look forward to seeing you on the Rimrocker trail", says Davis.

Construction from the trail expansion is expected to begin in the late summer of 2019.

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