PALISADE, Colo. — A popular riverside space in Palisade is getting some much-needed restoration. The project aims to improve the river bed habitat along Riverbend Park. It’s part of the Desert Rivers Collaborative which funds river restoration throughout the valley.

“We stump them and get them low to the ground, we then spray them with herbicide– we work with two different types of that for each type of tree we are removing.” – Kevin Johnson, Western Colorado Conservation Corps

The collaborative has been restoring Riverbend Park since 2012, focusing on removing invasive plant species and planting native plants to balance the river bank.

“We received a grant, as well as the town itself, paying for Western Colorado Conservation Corps to come and remove some invasive plants so native ones, like Cottonwood, can have a chance to grow.” – Rica Fulton, Riversedge West

Allowing native plants to thrive along the river is not only important for the park’s aesthetic, it balances its ecosystem and provides a habitat for native creatures.