A pro-gun rights group has filed a lawsuit to strike down the town of superior’s ban on assault weapons and impose a 10-day waiting limit for all guns, and they’ve filed another lawsuit: Rocky Mountain Gun Owners versus Governor Jared S. Polis.

“If this goes our way, we could have the magazine ban statewide, lifted, said Rocky Mountain Gun Owners Executive Director, Taylor Rhodes in an interview with KDVR.

The law banning magazines holding more than 15 rounds of ammunition was passed in July 2013 and sponsored by State Senator Rhonda Fields (D) in direct response to what some have called the nation’s most notorious mass shootings: The Columbine High School Shooting in 1999, and The Aurora Theater shooting in 2012. “you had a shooter go into the theater with a high capacity magazine that was able to hold over a hundred bullets in that chamber, and his goal was one thing: to kill as many people as he could in a shorter manner of time,” said Fields in an interview with KREX in June 2022.

Almost a decade later, the mag limit law is being challenged by the gun owners group who feel their chances are good by pointing to another case across the country: New York State Rifle and Pistol Association V. Bruen. Rhodes says, “Essentially, the Bruen decision gave us a 4-ton wrecking ball that we’re ready to come through, and any Tom, Dick, and Harry that thinks they can supersede the constitution, they can get in line cause they’re next.”

The challenge to overturn the high mag prohibition is aimed at the very definition of large capacity magazine saying the ban uses politically charged rhetoric and magazines holding more than 15 rounds are the standard.

Colorado Ceasefire, a grassroots gun violence prevention organization formed more than two decades ago works closely with legislators to pass laws to save lives taken from from mass shooters. Fields said, “I see that the violence we’re experiencing across the nation is a crisis.”

The organization fires back with statement given to KREX in response to the gun rights suit saying, “The magazines do not serve a purpose for home defense, self-protection, or hunting. They enable mass shooters to kill a large number of people in rapid fashion, and don’t believe the means should be in civilian hands. We regret that the rocky mountain gun owners is more interested in keeping lethal firearms and accessories readily available than they are in saving people’s lives.”

The case against Governor Polis was submitted on July 28th 2022.

A spokesperson for Governor Polis has told other news outlets the governor’s office does not comment on pending litigation.

Rocky Mountain Gun Owners have failed to provide comment after a multitude of failed attempts.