GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KREX) — Days after Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters refused to comply with Secretary of State Jena Griswold’s election security oversight, Griswold is suing to remove Peters as the County’s 2022 designated election official.

Colorado’s Secretary of State says Tina Peters compromised Mesa County election security trying to prove unfounded conspiracy theories. “I did not know that these machines could connect to outside sources, until I found that they can,” Clerk Tina Peters says.

Peters believes Dominion voting systems, are not secure and can be accessed through a cell phone. “You can not access a voting machine with a cellular device, she’s wrong, she is just flat out wrong,” Sheila Reiner, previous election official says.

Mesa County Commissioner, Cody Davis agrees, “Even if they could, which they cant, even if they could its irrelevant, because we can hand count all the ballots and prove the record,” Davis said.

Last October a County judge removed Peters from 2021 election oversight, now the Secretary of State Jena Griswold is asking a judge to do the same for Peters in 2022.

County Commissioners are in support of the Secretary’s decision and voted to approve Director of Elections, Brandi Bantz, with 16 years of elections experience, to oversee the 2022 election. “Right now she is the most qualified person to run the election in an unbiased and unemotional way,” Davis says.

After refusing to comply with the Secretary’s oversight order, a judge will likely remove Peters from any election involvement, and the commissioners have already filled the position. “This is unprecedented where a elected official can remove another elected official, what has been done today was very egregious,” Peters says.

Mesa County Commissioners disagree, “The only role that mesa county plays right now is in appointing a vacancy within Mesa County, which we clearly have by state statute,” Davis says.

Previous Secretary of State’s overseeing election conduct, have appointed other people to help the clerk or even replace the clerk. “I know it happened when Secretary of State, Scott Gessler, actually Tina’s lawyer now, he did the same thing in a couple of County’s under his term as Secretary of State,” Reiner says.

Clerk Peters disagrees, “They are presuming guilty until proven innocent,” Peters says, “They want to put somebody in there to basically keep me out of the elections department because they are probably once again, looking to the 2022 election to create some irregularities.”

Peters announced her plan to run for County Clerk again in 2022, but Reiner says only time will tell, “If you were charged with the things or even suggested that you’ve done some of the things the court findings have found peters subject to, I think you would resign, I think you would want to allow the people to have a voice faster than making them wait another four years to vote for your replacement,” Reiner says.