GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KREX) — Safe2Tell, a Colorado-based anonymous reporting program for K-12, released its annual report for the 2022-2023 school year. At 22,486 reports, the program saw the highest number of submissions since it launched in 2004.

Out of 44 possible report categories, Safe2Tell Director Stacey Jenkins tells WesternSlopeNow one category has stood out for years.

“Suicide threats has been our top reporting category for several years running.”

Reports about suicide concerns made up 2,840 reports statewide, and District 51 Crisis Coordinator Jason Talley says the district’s report numbers mirror these statistics.

“Our suicide reports are typically our highest number of reports and they make up about a fourth of all Safe2Tell tips that we receive.”

Talley tells WesternSlopeNow the district has seen a steady rise in reports for suicidal threats or self-harming behavior.

“I think that has a lot to do with us going out and educating students and getting the word out to parents as well.”

Talley also says most reports come from someone who’s concerned about another student.

“Generally what we see is a lot of people making reports about others who they’re concerned about, and then that gives us an opportunity to touch base with that student and see if we can get crisis support services put in place.”

Local and state officials told WesternSlopeNow that more and more students know they can reach out for help through Safe2Tell, which may account for the higher number of reports.

With holiday breaks coming up, Jenkins wants students to know Safe2Tell is available 24/7 whether school is in session or not. Those hoping to make a report can do so through the Safe2Tell website or app, or by phone call.