Grand Junction’s Salvation Army has been dealt another major financial hit. KREX 5 News has learned that their main thrift store is about to close.

This is the second biggest financial blow to the Salvation Army. Earlier this year the non-profit
lost their rehab program when the home where it was run was destroyed by a fire.

Now they’re losing another big source of their income, after the owners of the building have decided to sell the property.

The non-profit had been leasing the building for the past two years but because of the their financial situation, the Salvation Army cannot afford to buy the property.

Captain Steve Staneart says about 10,000 lbs. of clothes is donated daily to the Grand Junction store and the store closing will affect the valley’s transient population and the organization’s sales supporting their work.

“So they’ll choose Goodwill or they’ll dump it. So we’ll lose a bunch of that and all of that is income so if I don’t sell it through the thrift store it gets bailed and shipped overseas and I get about ten cents a pound,” said Captain Staneart. 

He adds the store will close at the end of November and the Grand Junction Thrift Store is not currently taking any donations.

If you’d like to donate any items the Clifton store at 3227 I-70 Business Loop is accepting them at this time.