Scales at the Landfill Being Replaced

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The entrance of the Mesa County Landfill is getting a facelift, with some brand new scales being installed.

The old scales had started to deteriorate, and these new scales will use concrete instead of asphalt because it won’t break down as easily.

They are currently putting in a new commercial inbound scale next to the original inbound scale, both of which are 70 feet long. Once they finish with the commercial inbound scale, they will work on putting in a new outbound scale that’s also 70 feet long. The current outbound scale is only 40 feet long.

Because the current outbound scale is much smaller, it caused an issue with large trucks coming to drop off trash. It created an inefficient way of visiting the landfill for many people, and the goal is to get the larger outbound scale in so that large trucks can get through a lot easier.

However, the construction comes with it’s own set of challenges. “Ultimately, if you don’t need to come out here, then just don’t because there’s going to be a wait. And if you do, know that we’re trying our best, and there’s going to be a little wait for you more than likely,” said Barrett Jensen, the solid waste director at the Mesa County Landfill.

Jensen said that despite the inconvenience during the construction, the result will be worth the wait.

The improvements started around 2 weeks ago, and are expected to take until January to complete.

The funds for the project were budgeted back in 2016.

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