School Board Member Reflects on 4A Campaign

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. — School district officials say they have a tough job ahead after 4A’s defeat. District 51 officials say they’re determined to eventually make the improvements outlined in 4A.

But, another bond measure could be one or two years away.

According to one school board member, the district has some funds set aside to fix small structural issues on the Grand Junction High School campus.

Issues include re-surfacing pavement and renovating parts of the school’s roof.

This school board member also says more could have been done to provide the community with specific details on a new Grand Junction High School.

But, he feels D51 offered a reasonable plan to taxpayers in terms of cost.

“I don’t think we over reached at all. But you don’t know until you actually design it and build it,” said John Williams, a D51 school board member. “I think we were accurate. We meant to be. We got square footage, we knew where it was going to be, we knew what we had to demolish.”

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