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School District 51 is asking community members to help build the district’s future and student success by using their voice through the strategic plan process.

There are four meetings, and the first took place at the Grand Junction High School Library on Monday, February 24th.

This isn’t your typical school district meeting, because in these meetings, community members use their phones or computers to participate in live polling. D51 Superintendent, Diana Sirko says, “What’s great about the poll everywhere software with smart phones, and with computers, is that everyone can enter their comments, and you get to see everybody’s comments. Not just the ones at your table.” Andreya Krieves is a community member, and more importantly, a mother of a District 51 student and she says, “I think the polling is a very effective way of illiciting feedback from community members. Sometimes we don’t always know the right things to say if it’s an open-ended question.”

The school district says all the information from the Strategic Plan meeting will be used to find trends and priorities, create actionable steps and benchmarks for addressing those priorities, and decide how success will be measured. “The idea is to create kind of a critical mass of people from across the community that have a chance to say, here’s what we like about your schools, here’s what we don’t like about your schools, and here’s what we hope we can all move forward together to accomplish”, says Sirko. Krieves is grateful for the chance to speak up. “I appreciate having a voice in the process and direction of our schools”, says Krieves.

The three other meetings for community members will be held at the following times and places including:

February 25th in the Fruita Monument High School Library

March 5th in the Palisade High School Cafeteria

March 10th in the Central High School Cafeteria

In addition to the public meetings, D51 says it will host four meetings to gather input from staff members and host two breakfast meetings for local business and government leaders.

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