GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KREX) — The Grand Junction City Election is coming to a close and a new statement has been released regarding potential legal action against the city.

The statement from city council candidate Diane Schwenke is as follows;

I want to thank all the voters who participated in the city of Grand Junction Municipal Election whether they voted for me or not. While I am still greately concerned about the 382 of them that did not have their voices heard, I have decided not to pursue legal action against the city challenging the decision not to cure ballots or count ballots missing something as immaterial as a date. It is time to move on.

Looking to the future, I do hope the city considers once again asking Mesa County tomanage their election or if they do conduct their own, adopting practices used by the County which deos not require voters to date or print their name to have ballots counted.

Diane Schwenke