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Bodies of Two Men Recovered at Island Lake

Sno-Cat Also Found Under 65 Feet of Water

DELTA COUNTY, Colo. - Update: Search and Rescue teams have retrieved two bodies from a frozen lake on the Grand Mesa - believed to be those of two men who have been missing since Saturday.


Delta County Search and Rescue teams were assisted by a Summit County Search and Rescue unmanned underwater drone.

Around 7 pm Monday --the bodies of two males and the snocat were located in island lake.

The recovered bodies were taken to the Delta County coroner where they are awaiting positive identification.


Delta County Search and Rescue is looking for two missing men on the Grand Mesa who may have plunged into an icy lake this weekend.



Officials said the men were with a group of four people who apparently checked into the Grand Mesa Lodge on Saturday afternoon.

Those four people have been identified by the sheriff's office as Delta County residents Ryan Wells, Richard Colton and Dustin Gray, all 30, and Kandi Casaus, 38.

Two of those people, a male and a female, have been accounted for – although authorities have not specified which two men are missing.

Officials said the group did not check out at their scheduled time, and all of their belongings were left in the room the following day.


Michael Wenner, owner of the Grand Mesa Lodge, said Wells brought a privately owned Sno-Cat with him and apparently asked about taking it on the ice. Wells was told this would not be a good idea because of the weight of the vehicle.

Wenner said he was later awakened by the sound of the Sno-Cat starting late at night.


The family of Wells has since found tracks from the vehicle leading to Island Lake. Once there, they saw a large hole in the ice that suggested the Sno-Cat had broken through the ice.


Delta County Search and Rescue could not find any evidence that the two missing men had gotten off the vehicle before the ice broke.

The Colorado Search and Rescue Board is trying to find the resources to confirm if the Sno-Cat is actually in the lake, along with the missing men. Members of the Summit County Sheriff's Office are assisting with their unmanned water drone.

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