For the third year in a row senior law day visits the grand valley to bring the latest on retiring with comfort–both personally and financially.

Mesa County Department of Health and Human Services, hosts the day with the goal of helping seniors plan retirement and navigate through the road bumps that arise once your you are there.

One of the biggest can be that of Medicare– health care for seniors that qualify.

Officials tell us the biggest problems faced with Medicare is fraud–though they say stopping it can be a matter of a few preventative tips.

“One of the best ways to protect yourself is when you carry your Medicare card around, its got your social security number on it. Cross out some numbers on that Medicare card in case you carry around that card with you and you lose you’re wallet or purse.” said John Ahern, a volunteer representative for the State Health Insurance Assistance Program.

Officials say up to 14 percent of medicare costs come from fraud and error.