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Separated Siblings Reunite After Six Decades

Siblings find each other through DNA tests

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. - For many people, family is everything. Which is why it can be hard to imagine growing up in the same town as your siblings, but never meeting them. One Mesa County man knew exactly what that was like, but after a DNA test, he found his family.

David Anderson was adopted when he was about one month old. He never knew his biological family and even though they seemed far away, they were actually much closer than Anderson expected. "Found out that they were all raised here, went to school here, found out that my wife actually went to school with my sister in Fruita... Hits you in the face that oh, wow, we are closer than I thought," said Anderson, who is a fire captain and paramedic with the De Beque Fire Protection District.

He found out all of this because he found his sister through MyHeritage DNA. "It was an emotional experience. You know, not knowing that you have any siblings or anything like that and then all the sudden, within a real brief period of time, you find out that you're not an island out here, you know, you've got relatives, you've got a huge family," said Anderson.

His sister, Misty De La Rosa, flew to Grand Junction from Las Vegas to spend a week with him. This is only the second time they have met. "I consider myself one of the luckiest people in the world because I've been able to find and see that I have a brother. I have another part of me that I can be close to and that I can share our life together, because we missed out on it. I mean I'm 62, and you know, that's a long time to never know that you have a sibling," said De La Rosa, who is now retired, but used to work as a floral designer and landscape photographer in Las Vegas.

Both of the siblings said they are thrilled to have found each other. "It all added up. And now I have a sister and a family," said Anderson.

MyHeritage DNA's website states the DNA tests cost around $80.

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