September Proves Golden For Local Teacher

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It’s one thing to hear a teacher’s lesson, but it’s different to have a student feel truly seen by their instructor.

For September, KREX 5 News recognized Stephanie LaCount, an English Language Arts teacher at Fruita 8/9. She’s been teaching for almost 15 years, and said more than anything, wants her students to believe in themselves. “When you are able to help kids see who they could be, and you help mold them into the person that they’re going to be as adults, that means my influence has influenced that child, who influences the next child, who influences the next person, and that’s how we create positive change in our world,” said LaCount.

LaCount received a basket of goodies from Homestyle Bakery, along with a massage from Acuity Massage.

She was nominated by one of her students, who said she is different than most teachers. This thought was echoed by other students as well. “Defies the norms, I guess. Because she doesn’t want us to do what all of our other teachers have told us to do before, she wants us to ask the questions that aren’t so obvious. And she wants us to actually learn from her, and she’s told us that she wants to make an impact in our lives now so we can grow up to be the adults that society needs us to be,” said Draigen Joyce, a freshman in LaCount’s class at Fruita 8/9. 

If you would like to nominate a teacher you believe deserves this award, write us a submission under the Golden Apple tab on our webpage.

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