Service Dog Bill

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Colorado law makers are considering a bill, that would make fake service animals a crime.

The bill creates a criminal offense, to a person who intentionally and fraudulently misrepresents a pet as a service animal, for the purpose of obtaining the same rights of those with disabilities that require a service animal.

Anyone caught misrepresenting their pets, could face a misdemeanor charge and a $350 fine.
A second offense could cost the offender $600 and $1,000 for a third.

Bill sponsor, Colorado State Representative Daniel Kagan says the bill has been proposed, due to people abusing the right to have a service dog.

“That only applies to people who are claiming that their animal is a service animal, and that they know that it isn’t” said Representative Kagan.

Service dog owner Evan Vent says “I think that people falsifying their relationship with a service animal actually puts everybody else in jeopardy.”

So far the bill has passed the House, and is currently being reviewed in the Senates Judiciary Committee.

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