GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. – (KREX) Tina Peters was given a final warning and was told if she couldn’t be respectful she would be asked to leave. “Free and fair election, I will leave because I have been insulated enough,” Tina Peters, Mesa County Clerk said.

After a judge removed Peters as Mesa County Elections Clerk, Peters continues to take advantage of the public’s spot light with alleged evidence showing her innocence. “I used to defend our elections tooth and nail, but there are some things you can’t unsee,” Peters said.

While Peters continues to make allegations, “We are being violated,” Peters said, Mesa County Commissioner’s interests lie elsewhere. “Our total focus and we received a distraction this morning when she came here, but our real focus is delivering this election and people are voting as we speak,” Scott McInnis, Mesa County Commissioner said.

Tina Peter’s case lies at the hands of the District Attorney’s investigation, and Commissioners are ready to move on. “They’ve made up their mind that I am guilty,” Peters said.

“We’re trying to do everything we can in a positive fashion to make sure this never repeats itself, but your weakest link and the one we least suspected would hack the computer was the clerk herself,” McInnis said.

As Clerk Tina Peters and majority of Mesa County await the findings of the FBI, the state and the DA’s investigations, all eyes are on this Novembers election. “We’ve got some court findings and the facts are pretty clear and it does not support the allegations that Tina has made,” McInnis said.

The District Court determined Peters breached her duties by failing to follow the orders of the Secretary of State, and neglected her duties by failing to take precautions to protect confidential information, while committing wrongful acts by being untruthful, but as far as criminal activity, the District Attorney will ultimately decide Peters fate.