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Shooting Fears Cancel Basketball Game in Fruita

Fruita, CO - An overnight shooting incident at a home near Fruita-Monument High School has raised safety concerns, to the point that scheduled basketball games Friday night at the high school have been canceled.

Police and SWAT members were called out last night to a home where a man described as suicidal had shot off some rounds from a gun in his backyard. When police finally entered the home, they found a gun, but there was no one in the home, and the suspect still has not been found.

District 51 sent out several emails, texts, and robocalls to parents informing them that security at the school had been increased today, even though there is no belief that the incident last night had any connection to the high school.

This afternoon, District 51 announced that, due to an over-abundance of caution, Friday night's basketball games were being rescheduled to Saturday

Below is the complete news release sent to news media and parents this afternoon:


Out of an over-abundance of caution, tonight’s basketball game between Grand Junction High School and Fruita Monument High School has been rescheduled for Saturday, Feb. 17, 2018. Junior Varsity games will start at 11 a.m. Saturday, Girls Varsity will start at 12:30 p.m., and Boys Varsity will start at 2 p.m. at Fruita Monument High School. Additional law enforcement, school personnel, and security officers will be at the game as a precaution, and having it during the day is also a safer alternative to a night game.

An incident this morning involving a suicidal adult male in a neighborhood near Fruita Monument and Fruita 8/9 School contributed to heightened tensions in the Fruita community today. Members of local law enforcement who responded to the incident would not have allowed us to continue with school today if they believed the man posed a threat to either school. Still, as a precaution, extra law enforcement and security officers are at both schools today. 

While we felt assured that it was safe to have school today, a basketball game poses extra security challenges not present during a typical school day, such as being open to the public. Rumors of possible threats or altercations at the game that was scheduled to take place tonight at Fruita Monument have amplified, and we felt it would be best to postpone the game until extra security measures could be arranged.

Rumors are spreading both in the community and on social media about the incident that took place overnight near 19 and J roads. This is understandable, especially with the school shooting in Florida fresh in all of our minds. This is a hard time for all who work and learn in schools. Please know that:

  1. Some students and parents have reported hearing about possible threats to the school following last night’s incident. School security and law enforcement take each of these reports seriously, and are investigating each one as it comes in. All reports have been found to be unsubstantiated at this time, but we appreciate every person who came forward. You can report a threat or suspicious message you see on social media any time, 24/7, to safe2tell.org.
  2. Please be careful with online posts – both when making them and reading them. Emotions are running high this week in particular, and emotions and rumors can cause people to jump to conclusions based on false or limited information as they attempt to make sense of a situation. Also, this is not a time to joke around – law enforcement will take a “joke” casually said in the hallway or on social media just as seriously as a real threat.
  3. The rumor that the man involved in the incident is a teen or student is false.

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