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Shooting Justified as Self-Defense

Stene Will Face Drug-Related Charges

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. - John Stene, the man accused of fatally shooting Travis Carothers on June 17, will not face homicide charges as the district attorney said Stene was acting in self-defense.

When Stene recounted what happened that night, District Attorney Dan Rubinstein said that it mostly matched the evidence discovered. According to Stene, Carothers approached him while Stene was inside of a vehicle and pointed a gun at Stene. Carothers was committing an aggravated robbery at the time. 

Those with the district attorney's office said Stene had a gun as well, and shot Carothers as he was apparently leaning into the vehicle, judging by the trajectory and angle of the bullet. 

When Stene's legal counsel was contacted, he agreed to share his story without any guarantee of immunity. Overall his testimony lined up with the evidence, according to the district attorney. 

Stene will be charged with several alleged drug related charges, including: possession of methamphetamine, possession with intent to distribute methamphetamine, and a special offender for having a gun during the course of that. "We filed charges, these are merely allegations. Mr. Stene is presumed innocent and we'll go through the process. He has a right to a preliminary hearing, he's got counsel on board, and it will take the normal course of action. So, if it were to go to trial, it probably wouldn't be for quite some time," said District Attorney Dan Rubinstein. 

If Stene were to go to trial, he would be facing a mandatory minimum of 12-32 years in prison. 

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