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PALISADE, Colo — Live music, vendors and a community that supports each other.

The Palisade Farmers Market is back on its feet and full of energy. A town known for its delicious and juicy peaches has Deanna Calahoon, a farmer in Palisade was excited to see community members because they are always happy when the peaches come off the orchards, “People love them.

Like I said, they taste like summer, that’s what peaches taste like, when you taste a peach, people will say
“ah, I’ve been waiting for these, they taste like summer.”

The peaches are ripe, residents are out with their dogs and kids are slurping on snow cones. It’s a fun time for everyone.

“We’re so excited to see you, see your face and it’s nice to see everybody because last year it was a restrictive market by the numbers and now it’s back to almost full,” Isabel Ehrich, Founder and Owner of Jabulani Creations says.

The market is full of local businesses and an opportunity for residents to showcase their products to the community.

“It’s a collective group of all of us that come down and really show the best that is Palisade,” Ehrich adds, “I think it’s one of the best in the valley and there’s so many great entrepreneurs here, I just really enjoy it.”

It’s just one of many ways the town of Palisade comes together.

‘It’s nice to see everybody out and about,” Calahoon continues, “It’s good to see everyone smiling and enjoying the sunshine.”

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