You have the right to bear arms, and the gun dealer has the right to see your face. Justin Wood with the Rocky Mountain Gun Club in Grand Junction says, “Masks in a gun shop is kind of wishy washy. If someone brings in a loaded firearm. You don’t know if it’s loaded or not, and you have a mask on your face, they can kinda simulate some red flags.”

A retired deputy and his better half experienced some red flags in the past, and now, they’re shopping for Christmas, and for protection. Laura Koller is trying out hand guns with her hubby and says, “We had some people come over to our place one night while he was at work, and so, ever since then we’ve used pistols, and conceal them when we’re allowed to.”

Robert Koller is that retired deputy, and has words of advice to clear one pet peeve of his and a misconception about gun buying. Robert says, “You can shop for a firearm online, but it has to be shipped to a federal firearm’s licensed dealer where a background check occurs.”

The Colorado Bureau of Investigation to date has processed 90,000 more background checks than all of 2019 creating wait times up to 56 hours which is 650 times longer than average, and that’s the good news. “We’ve experienced a huge shortage in ammunition,” said Wood.

Here at the only indoor shooting range (RMGC) between Denver and Salt Lake City you can still shop and you can still shoot the traditional way. but, if you’re looking for something specific, you better get on the list if you want it by Christmas. Justin explains one reason he believes there’s an ammunition shortage. Justin says, “I think it’s from the election recently. It caused a lot of people to buy a lot of ammunition.”

There might be an ammunition supply shortage and demand issue, but you can still get great gifts from your local gun shop, right now, including training for the novice.

For more information on the gift for you and yours from the Rocky Mountain Gun Club, click here.