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During the pandemic the pressure was heating up to keep a job. President Biden said, “22 million people lost their job in this pandemic,” when addressing the nation on Monday, May 10th. The owner of The Hog And The Hen in Grand Junction, Cooper Hall, was one of the business owners who lost staff. “Our entire staff went home. It was just my wife and I running the show during the entire shutdown,” said Hall.

Now, the struggle is to find somebody to do the job as the pandemic recession flattens out. Are you hiring? “We’re always hiring,” said Hall. “Absolutely,” says Pablo Pizza’s Human Resource Director, Arianna Hampson.

A report from the Labor Department shows America’s job growth slowed in April due to hiring struggles, according to an article by AP News, and it’s the same exact story according to your local eatery and an eatery owner. Hampson says, “It has been quite difficult to hire recently.” Hall says, “My wife and I barely get days off. I mean, they are few and far between.”

Restaurants, hotels, and entertainment venues added over 330,000 jobs in April up from over 200,000 in March, according to the Labor Department. The growing jobs are creating growing pains to find workers even though businesses are willing to bend. “I see restaurants scheduling their hours of operation and the days that they’re open around their staff,” said Hall.

The pizza oven at Pablo’s Pizza gets up to 500 degrees, but it’s not as hot as the job market in the restaurant industry right now. They say good help is hard to find, but it’s more like any help is hard to find. Hampson says, “Our sales are really increasing, and summer is always the busiest. So, as that’s increasing and we’re noticing we need more people, we’re just struggling, finding the right ones.” “We’re coming in to the summer time. We’re going to have farmer’s markets on Thursday’s here pretty soon. We could definitely use some people to come in and help out,” said Hall.

The Labor Department stats show worker demand has created a supply of good wages with average hourly pay increasing to almost 1% more in April (0.7%). “We are starting at $13 an hour right now, and once you’re done with training, you’ll receive tips as well,” said Hampson. Hall says, “If somebody can come in, free us up a little bit, allow us to get out of here and go out and have a little bit more of a life than we do right now, that’s worth it to us.”

For more information on applying for employment at the Hog And The Hen, fill out your contact info here.

To apply at Pablo’s Pizza give them a call at the link here.

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