Six Colorado State Parks, Including Highline Lake, To Include ‘High Use’ Fee in Daily Passes

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Despite COVID-19 restrictions, Highline Lake State Park has had its fair share of company. With 2021 at a frosty start, guests get to have a different experience for the first day hike.

“This year, we have a little bit more snow than we usually do,” Ashlee Wallace observes, “Some parts of our trail has up to five inches of snow this year so, not only have we had people hiking, we’ve also had them cross country skiing which I’ve never seen here at Highline before.”

Starting on New Year’s Day, Daily passes will go from $9.00 to $10.00. Officials share that the price raise on passes is to help satisfy the supply and demand of a higher visitation rate.

“So many visitors out there that we’ve really got some expenses in terms of a brand new restroom facility, which cost in the area of about $780 thousand dollars,” Randy Hampton explains, “Lot of other upgrades that have to go on to handle the new higher capacity at Highline Lake State Park.”

As multiple projects are in the work for spring, Highline Lake State Park is hopeful for greater success this year.

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