Do you know what’s lurking in your beer?  One recent report shows a known toxic chemical found in weed killers appearing in multiple brands of beers and wines.

The chemical is glyphosate, an ingredient used in products like Roundup.

It could just be used around barley or grapevines and it’s getting into the supply that way.  It could also just be soil or in the water supply that’s eventually getting into beer and wine and it could also be blowing over to a neighboring field, says Danny Katz, of the Colorado Public Research Group who were the ones behind the study.

Some beers on the list were Coors Light, Corona, and New Belgium Fat Tire among others.

We have seen recently, the World Health Organization, the cancer agency part of the WTO list this (glyphosate) as probably carcinogenic, says Katz.  

Katz hopes by getting this information out, it can help spark change.

We want to make sure we’re taking action and until it’s proven safe for us in the ways we are being exposed we need to make sure that it’s not in beer and wine and it’s not in all places other reports have found it to be in, says Katz.

To check out the study and see the full list click this link.