FRUITA, Colo. – (KREX) After many fish passed at Snooks Bottom, Colorado Parks and Wildlife determined the high temperatures caused a reduction in oxygenation levels within the lake. “This is something that is very common among open bodies of water,” Assistant to Fruita City Manager, Shannon Vassen said, “when you do get that much heat it starts creating that algae and really limits the amount of oxygen available to the fish.”

The change of seasons naturally affects oxygenation levels within bodies of water, but the added heat brought another challenge to the survival rate of fish around the state.

At Snooks Bottom, species of fish like these normally populate the water. After last summers extreme heat conditions, many of the fish at Snooks have passed. Which has resulted in the cancellation of a popular fishing event that fisherman of all ages are able to participate in. “We decided to postpone our fishing is fun event, we are going to postpone it to the spring because we feel it will be best for the fish in Snooks Bottom to go through the colder temperatures and have that body of water rejuvenated before we have people go and fish out there,” Vassen said.

CPW will continue to monitor the conditions at Snooks Bottom, but that doesn’t mean community members have to stop spending time at the lake. “We home school so this is just a fun outing for the kids to do. the kids like coming because of the sun fish, super quick and easy and there’s not a lot of waiting on that,” Danielle Arreola, Mesa County Resident said.