Snowpack Melt

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The snowpack up in the mountains, which was below average for most places this year, is melting quickly.

“We started the winter dry and that doesn’t usually bode well for us if we have a dry fall and late summer and then it continues to be dry in the winter. it’s not good for run off season. especially with the dry soils and everything.”

the southwestern part of Colorado has been hit extremely hard by the drought.

“Less snow down south in the southern part of the state and there was more snow central and north.”

A drought isn’t just affected by the lack of precipitation, being abnormally warm can have an effect on the drought as well. The drought and low snowpack will have an affect our summer water supply.

“Being in a drought now and having less snowpack now means that there will be less water for us as we go into the summer.”

The drought we’re currently in could also have long term effects if we’re dry again next year.

“If we start to continue to be dry and move into a year and a half to two years. that’s where it can really impact us, so it’s good to start conserving water now and to be thinking about that, conserve the water that we have so we can think about the future in case we don’t get those real good rains this summer that help us out or if the snowpack is low enoughnext year it could make it worse for the next year.”

Hopefully this summer brings us some much needed rain.

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