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Special Olympic Athlete Takes Home Gold

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. - As the Special Olympics summer games wrap up athletes are getting awarded for their hard work.

"Right now, nothing's going to bum me out at all," said Bryan Terry who is going back home to Denver as a gold medal winner.

"I feel emotionally happy with joy. It's like when you get a gold medal you just want to cry about it. I feel happy about it."

He, among his four other teammates stood tall at the Special Olympics podium after winning the men's free style swimming competition.

"We rockin', we rockin' all the time," he said.

But the earning the medal wasn't easy, "It took seven months of hard work and training with the team."

A team driven to a path of success with the help of Coach Randy Hass.

"There's actually more of it on the mental side than it is on the physical side lots of times. It's making sure they understand the race they're getting into, the distance," said Coach Hass.

Terry who has been competing for almost 25 years, "He's been a swimmer longer than I've been coaching the team," is a team leader. Not just for how long he's been competing but for his dedication and competitiveness.

"He always gives it his all. You never have to worry about Bryan not putting 100% forward and he's a great competitor."

A competitor who strives to be his best and push others to do more, "We watch the time and effort they put into it and that's why you come back," leaving the competition with his teammates on a positive note.

"This is the best time we've had in a while. Lots of things to see, lots to do, and everybody had a blast," said Terry.

The team will take the summer off after their win Sunday and will begin training in September.


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