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Spreading Kindness One Compliment at a Time

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. - One local woman spent her Sunday morning sharing positivity and kindness with her compliment truck to complete strangers.

Mary Sanchez, a licensed therapist, handed out 350 compliments on 5th and Belford Ave. that were written with positive comments.

"You are a light of love, and you are worthy, you are loveable, you are enough, you are brave," said Sanchez as she shows the many cards she was about to distribute.

Her act of kindness had no catch, it was all to "spread love and kindness through the world which is kind of at rest right now." 

She wanted to make sure anyone who came across her way received these index cards.

"Hopefully some of these are really fitting and are coming to people at the right time."

Along her side was Jourdyn Husband who wanted to make sure the initial message got across to anyone and everyone.

"It feels good because I know I've helped someone be a little bit happier and help someone's day," said Husband.

But it's the reaction from complete strangers that make this act of kindness worth while.

"Everybody was a little bit shocked but then they got a big smile on their face and 'oh wow thank you,'" said Sanchez.

Husband and Sanchez say they're goal is to bring the community back together and that these compliments and positivity are passed on to someone else.

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