St. Mary’s Hospital lands Bloomin’ Babies Birth Center in acquisition

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KREX) – St. Mary’s Medical Center gets to deliver more bundles of joy with Bloomin’ Babies. The birth center’s founders, Patty & Dick Kandiko, retired and the hospital purchased the business.

Dan Thomas will spearhead leadership as new manager. With his deep medical background, current midwives see him delivering nothing short of excellence.

“It’s kind of blending both the midwifery-led model of care and continuity of care with that same midwife and the high tech hospital environment that every once in a while as needed for safety,” Certified Nurse Midwife Ayana Brown shares.

It’s a new chapter for both facilities, but Ayana Brown says quality service will continue to grow.

“No matter who owns and manages the birth center, midwife-led care remains a high priority,” Cora Dickey reports, “All that matters is that healthy mamas have healthy babies.”

Bloomin’ Babies is one of few accredited birth centers Colorado has. The team at this birth center still want women to have a custom-made experience for labor.

While the Bloomin’ Babies Birth Center serves under a new brand, officials from St. Mary’s want to expand its original vision and mission, not change it.

“They can choose everything from a very medically supported birth like they have at St. Mary’s to a high-quality, free-standing accredited birth at Blooming Babies,” Dan Prinster, St. Mary’s Vice President of Business Development, elaborates.

With this acquisition, SCL Health can offer birth center services on both of Colorado’s slopes.

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