Mesa County’s Stage One Fire Restrictions begin

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Natural caused wildfires are out of our control. Mesa County can avoid man-caused fires by following stage one fire restrictions. “You really need to be aware of where you are headed and what the restrictions might be,” Colorado Parks and Wildlife official, Travis Duncan said.

For all those outdoor recreation lovers, you can still escape to the outdoors if you are up to date on the area’s fire restrictions. Colorado, especially in Mesa County has seen a major increase of extreme drought since 2020. Stage one fire restrictions have been put in place earlier this year to hopefully slow the progression of fire danger in 2021.

“Because it is a person’s responsibility to know what the fire restrictions are, before engaging in an activity that could potentially start a fire,” Mesa County Sheriff’s Office official, Megan Terlecky said.

Mesa County Sheriff’s Office is encouraging the public to use it’s interactive website to view all fire restrictions in the area. The website can be located on the sheriff’s office website, offering easy access to the public through desktop or mobile phones.

“The interactive map is a great resource for community members to see exactly where fire restrictions are and what level there are,” Terlecky explains, “There’s information on what stage one fire restrictions mean, what stage two means, and there is also a GPS map. so you can see based on where you are currently located what the fire restrictions are regardless if you are in the city, in the county or federal land. There’s also a really good resource if you are planning on traveling outside of Mesa County into other Colorado communities that give you easy access to information as to what their fire restrictions are.”

Stage one fire restrictions is only the beginning as fire danger continues to grow. Following these precautions we can all help save Colorado from a smoky summer.

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