The Colorado Department of Labor and Employment announces, all Free Fall simulator machines will be shut down in Colorado indefinitely, following the death of 20-year-old Ciara Romero at the Grand Junction “Get Air at the Silo” trampoline park.

Just before 4 p.m. Thursday afternoon, authorities responded to the trampoline park on reports of a woman falling about 75 feet from the top of a free fall simulator.

State investigators with the department say, these machines, when properly operating, give the user a one or two second feeling of free fall, before a brake engages, bringing the user to the ground.

Investigators who looked at the machine, video of the incident and facility on Friday said, during their preliminary report, it does not seem as though the brake had failed at Get Air’s simulator.

“It’s hard to say, “Scott Narreau, the program manager for department’s amusement ride and device safety team, “It looks like the patron’s harness become  unattached from the carabiner on the mechanism.”

Narreau and other investigators point out, it is early in their investigation and they will return next week to continue looking into the incident.

The machine is currently in evidence at the Grand Junction Police Department, though police say, they will not file criminal charges. The Mesa County Coroner is investigating the incident as an accident at this time.

Friends of Romero say she was an incredibly caring person, working as a CNA at Hilltop Community Resources.

“One thing I’ll really say about Ciara is I’ve never seen someone care about people so much.” Kenziee Caron said, a friend of Romero.

Caron said, Romero took pride in taking care of those with disabilities and elderly people in her day to day life.

The Romero family has created a Go Fund Me account to help with final expenses: