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GARFIELD COUNTY, Colo. — Garfield County has been notified by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) that it sustained seven days of Level Blue metrics for a rolling period ending February 23. The change to Level Blue will be effective Friday, February 26 at 6 a.m. 

In accordance with the most recent state public health order, counties may move to less restrictive levels if they meet and sustain metrics for one week. To officially move to Level Blue, Garfield County had to verify data and submit a letter of acknowledgment to the state. Weather-related delays from COVID testing labs located outside of the state delayed the process of confirming the move. The results of the tests that returned did not impact the numbers enough to keep the county from meeting the Level Blue threshold.  

The CDPHE Dial capacity restrictions chart provides a rough outline for the basic allowances under the dial framework. However, business owners, event planners, and other operators must consult the most current state public health order; the seventh amended Public Health Order 20-36 and follow all applicable sector specific details.   

Restrictions under Level Yellow do not vary dramatically from Level Blue. However, Garfield County Public Health has provided an overview of the major changes that affect Garfield County with page numbers for appendices by category from the latest Public Health order so that sector specific guidance and details are followed as applicable.   

For all dial color levels (including Blue):  All posted capacity numbers exclude staff. If the order language includes a percentage of capacity or a specific number, the operator must go with whichever is less. Operators are required to continue to adhere to social distancing guidelines

Sector Yellow to Blue LEVEL BLUE: CAUTION LEVEL YELLOW: CONCERN Public Health                         Order Details Notes 
Personal Gatherings No Change Up to 10, no more than 2 households Up to 10, no more than 2 households     
Critical Businesses and Critical Government Functions No Change     Appendix A p. 36-40   
Non-Critical Office-based Businesses No Change     Appendix B p. 41 & 42   
Critical and Non-critical Retail  No Change     Appendix B p. 41 & 42   
Field Services  No Change     Appendix E p. 47 & 48   
Personal Services  No Change     Appendix F p. 49 & 50   
Limited Healthcare Settings  No Change     Appendix G         p. 51-53   
Restaurants Change 50% occupancy, 175 ppl per room max 50% occupancy, 50 ppl per room max  Appendix H p. 54-57 May not impact many restaurants in Garfield County due to size constraints. 
Last Call Change 12:00 a.m. 11:00 p.m.     
Indoor events  Change 50% capacity, 175 ppl per room 50% capacity, 50 ppl max Appendix I p. 58 & 59 Not many Garfield County locations can take advantage of this with distancing requirements. 
Outdoor events  Change 50% capacity, 250 ppl max 50% capacity, 175 ppl max Appendix I p. 58 & 59 Could be impactful for park and recreation departments, outdoor music events, etc. 
Recreation, including gyms, rec centers, and pools  Change 50% capacity, 175 ppl per room max 50% capacity, 50 ppl per room max Appendix J p. 60 & 61 May impact indoor pools and some community centers. 
Recreational youth and adult league sports  Change 50 players max 25 players max Appendix J p. 60 & 61   
Outdoor guided activities  Change 50% capacity, 25 ppl max 50% capacity, 10 ppl max Appendix K p. 62 & 63   
Children’s Day Camps, Residential Camps, Youth Sports Day Camps and Exempt Single Skill-Building Youth Camps  Change 25 ppl indoors, 50 outdoors 10 ppl indoors, 25 ppl outdoors Appendix L          p. 64-66   

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