GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. — New jobs are blowing in from the STRiVE organization. As Mesa County continues to open up, strive sees a void and a need for more hands on deck to complete its goals.

Director Doug Sorter says he wants to hire you.

“We’re just in need of some people. We are a depleted workforce,” Doug Sorter discloses, “We need more people to come in and do the work that we need. We just haven’t been able to get people in the door and we really need some folks to come in and get trained and do the things that they do here.”

The seven open positions go far beyond computer skills.

STRiVE is a partnership of people supporting people, who strive to meet their full potential.  STRiVE offers a coordinated spectrum of care and support services that range from minimal to around-the-clock assistance for people with all levels of intellectual, physical and mental challenges. 

The diversity found in STRiVE’s programs are based on the community’s needs. Current STRiVE employees love how the staff represents the people they support daily.

“This is a great opportunity for, not only the person that we’d be hiring but, the individuals. You really get a new appreciation,” Peggy Gordon expresses, “For the COVID restrictions, we’re just really wanting compassionate people that have the same goals as we do.”

“It’s much more than just a paycheck, it’s really a delightful place to work,” Doug Sorter continues, “It’s hard work, no doubt, but it’s still got a rewarding piece that you just can’t get in every place.”

Time is counting down as the hiring event is on April 14 at STRiVE headquarters (790 Wellington Avenue, Grand Junction, CO 81501) from 10 a.m to 2 p.m. Attendees are encouraged to dress business casual but a resume in hand is not required.

Those hired from attending STRiVE’s hiring event will receive a signing bonus up to $1,000.00