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Students Can Now Ask for Help Anonymously Through an App

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. - Looking for ways to help reduce things like crime, suicide, and drug use, District 51 is turning to an app to help students ask for help.  
“School district 51 really wanted to provide as many possible resources as they could for students to reach out and ask for help,” said Tanny McGinnis, Security Coordinator for D51.
The app is called “Safe2Tell” and students can report concerns and upload pictures and videos about many things. 
“Anything pretty much that you can think about, all the way down to other, eating disorder, drugs, domestic violence, discrimination, depression, dating violence,” said McGinnis. 
Once the info is submitted, it is dispersed to many different outlets.  “Law enforcement in the area, their dispatch center, it also goes to the principals on each campus, it goes to the director of safety and security and myself within the school district,” said McGinnis. 
The key selling point for this app and program is that you can do it all anonymously. 
“There’s kind of a culture in some schools where you’re not supposed to snitch, and tell on people but we want kids to know it is safe to tell,” said Emily Shockley, Public Information Officer for D51.
“We point them in the direction of asking for help and if they’re afraid to speak with a councilor or their parent about it, at least giving them a safe place that they can go to give the information and get somebody to act on it,” said McGinnis. 
The app is free to download and if you want more information there is a community information night at 6:30 pm, on Monday, April 24th at the Mesa County Workforce Center.

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