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Students Spark Conversation About Gun Reform

FRUITA, Colo. - Students in town are hoping to spark a conversation about gun reform with some pizza and entertainment.

Grand Valley Students United hosted a pizza and preventing gun violence event in Fruita Saturday afternoon to engage in a conversation with other community members about ways to prevent gun violence.

The coalition of students is advocating for common sense gun legislation and encouraging others to talk about actual solutions towards gun violence.

They set a table full of post cards for people to write to Colorado's U.S. Senators, Michael Bennet and Cory Gardner and U.S. Representative Scott Tipton and State Senator Ray Scott about why they demand action in the Grand Valley.

"We as Grand Valley Students United believe that the best way to have these conversations is with our representatives. People that represent us as our constituents so we will be delivering these letters to them and asking them and having in person meetings with them," said Veniece Miller, a member of the Grand Valley Students United.

Spencer Hurt, another member of the organization added, "We have meetings set up with various elected officials so we'll gather all of that input and give it to them. It's an opportunity to have a conversation and take from that conversation to the people who can actually enact that change."

The proceeds of the event will go to their organization to keep on putting events like the one at Fruita.

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