Study Shows Vaping Remains Popular Despite Health Concerns

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo.- Despite deaths and illness, vaping continues to remain popular with a high number of young people.

A new study finds almost 80% of vape users feel safe vaping, even after recent lung illnesses and deaths.

The study surveyed 1800 vape users between the ages of 18 and 35.

KREX 5/Fox 4 spoke to a local vape user in his early 20s. He says he’s aware of the potential side effects, but says vaping help get rid of a smoking habit.

“I started ultimately to curb a cigarette addiction,” said Chayse Davis, a 21-year-old vape user in Grand Junction. “Granted I do smoke here and there, but I don’t smoke to the extent that I used to.”

Davis became addicted to cigarettes in his early teens. He says he’s been vaping for the past 3 years to quit cigarettes. He says the low nicotine vape liquid he uses keeps him off smoking, and for him, vaping is worth it.

“I’m not really concerned about it, said Davis. “I’ve done my research on this stuff and I understand there are going to be some health risks because it is vapor going into your lungs. “

We also spoke to a specialist at Mesa County Public Health who focuses on who vapes, and why. She says the variety of flavors is what lead to a large number of young vape users.

“Cigarettes can only be menthol and tobacco flavored,” said Kelsey Fife, a health promotions specialist with Mesa County Public Health. “While our vape products, although there are some changes happening in relation to this, can be thousands of different flavors, and they’re flavors that are appealing to young people.”

Kelsey Fife says this flavor variety with vaping has lead young people to develop severe nicotine addictions, and has even lead to higher cigarette use.

“About 90% of all addictions including tobacco, but other products as well, started before the age of 25. “

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